Established by Linda McNally in 2004.

Since the beginning we have been serious about achieving quality in every single aspect of our work, which is clearly reflected in our portfolio of residential and commercial projects.


Atmosphere & Energy are the essential ingredients that go into creating the personality of your home. They make visitors experiences unforgettable but more importantly that they allow the occupants to live in an environment that creates great pleasure every day.

During my many years in business the success of the house comes from the owner, (the house is tailored to meet the needs of its occupants). At the end of a project it’s important that each room evokes a sense of wellbeing, comfort and happiness. No two households have or share the same requirements, taste or style, so I approach each project with a blank canvas, and allow the client to lay down the first brushstrokes of their individual style.

 My philosophy  

My philosophy is to understand how my clients live in the space, and tailor the design to enhance the surroundings and their lifestyles. I work closely with my clients to ensure that their own style is reflected throughout the home. I like to facilitate their vision, and interpret their ideas and translating it into a wonderful space that is a reflection of them, their personalities, travels, passions and life. My goal is to leave each project a positive experience, so that the client finds their home a complete place of relaxation, full of atmosphere, energy and timeless elegance and sophistication.

My inspiration  

My inspiration for my work comes from different sources. I like to visit trade shows around the world to keep me inspired and energized. I have a true passion for furniture design, textures, wallpapers and art, the variety of new designs continue to amaze me. I am in total awe of Parisian architecture and antiquities especially the Belle Epoque era . Along with designer Eileen Gray, my greatest source of inspiration is surrounding myself with energetic positive people, who encourage, challenge and inspire me. I look forward to putting the same energy into your home.